Imagine A Day Without Water

Value of Water Coalition Announces
Imagine A Day Without Water

From October 6-8, National Education Campaign Will Engage the Public and Stakeholders about How Water Infrastructure and Water Resources Are Essential, Invaluable, and Need Investment

The Value of Water Coalition announced the Imagine A Day Without Water campaign with the launch of its site, This national education campaign will raise awareness of and build public support for investment in water. Imagine A Day Without Water will take place from October 6-8, 2015 across the country with participation from partner organizations, water providers, local elected officials, and more.

Imagine A Day Without Water is an opportunity for every organization and individual that cares about water and the systems that bring it to and from homes and businesses to stand together for our most precious resource. Across the country, organizations are making plans to raise awareness and educate the public about the serious state of our aging water infrastructure systems and the tremendous benefits of investment,” said Radhika Fox, President of the U.S. Water Alliance and Director of the Value of Water Coalition. “There are countless ways for folks to get involved, so we hope everyone will use the resources on our website to find an idea that works for them.”

Partners who are interested in participating are encouraged to create their own event or content to spread the message about the importance of investing in water infrastructure. Examples of what organizations can do to participate include: invite local leaders and the press to tour a water treatment facility, work with the local mayor or city council on a proclamation or resolution, create a social media campaign, write an op-ed, and more. offers participating organizations a central location for accessing materials to assist in the planning and production of events. Site materials include:

  • 11 ideas for how to participate
  • Messaging Guide
  • Tips for planning a press event
  • Op-Ed Template
  • A toolkit for ads, with horizontal and vertical print ads, billboards and more.
  • Organizations interested in hosting an Imagine A Day Without Water event can sign up through and should contact Abigail Gardner at to coordinate event planning and strategy.

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