July 20th Law Seminars Conference: Municipal Water Utility Ratemaking in California

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July 20, 2015
Courtyard Marriott Sacramento Midtown in Sacramento, CA
Anyplace you may be via webcast!

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California is in the midst of a historic drought. Surface water deliveries are at an all-time low and many groundwater basins are being significantly drawn down. The economic effects of actual or foreseeable shortages can be mitigated by increasing the price end users pay for each gallon of water used. However, the rates municipal utilities charge for water are restricted by Proposition 218, and must be justified by a Cost of Service Analysis (COSA). Proposition 218 may limit the ability of municipal water utilities to encourage conservation by raising volumetric charges for water. Recently, the City of Capistrano’s implementation of one widely used mechanism for reducing demand, tiered rates, was found to violate Proposition 218 by the Fourth Appellate District because the rates were not justified by a COSA. The decision highlights the need to develop COSA methodologies that are compliant with Proposition 218.

This one-day seminar will explain recent decisions by California courts on the limitations Propositions 218 and 26 place on municipal water rates, and describe the economic principles used by COSA to develop municipal water rates. In particular, leading experts in the law and economics of water pricing will examine the legal and economic challenges that are likely to emerge as municipal water utilities cope with the ongoing drought.

This advanced seminar will help practitioners in both fields improve their overall understanding of these interrelated fields just as water issues are front-page news. We hope to see you there. Register soon for in person or live webcast attendance.

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