Kirt Brooks Scholarship recipients have gone on to serve the public in varied roles such as water quality lab analysts, engineers, university educators, pollution prevention professionals, regulators, utility managers, and operations and maintenance personnel.

CWEA provided these outstanding students with scholarships thanks to generous donations from members like you.

Megan Yoo Schneider
2009 & 2010 Recipient

"The Kirt Brooks Scholarship helped me pursue a formal education in the water environment profession. CWEA helped open the doors to a lifetime of relationships and a career that helps make a difference in this world. The support of CWEA and its members, along with the financial assistance from the Kirt Brooks Scholarship, helped me become the professional I am today and equipped me with the tools for success."



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Bryce Danker
2015 Recipient

"The Kirt Brooks Scholarship has greatly assisted me in pursuing my educational goals which include completing research related to oxygen transfer efficiency for a local wastewater agency while pursuing my graduate education University of California, Irvine. I am excited for the challenge to utilize this knowledge to provide wastewater treatment and potable reuse solutions locally and nationally."


Michael Simpson
2015 Recipient

"The Kirt Brooks Scholarship helped to allow me to showcase my academic talents at the University of Dayton via financial assistance. The generosity of the CWEA's Kirt Brooks Scholarship will be appreciated and utilized as I am majoring in civil engineering with a focus in water resources."


Emily Bettencourt
2015 Recipient

 "The Kirt Brooks scholarship will help me close the gap between my dreams of helping solve world thirst and the harsh realities of paying for college. My goal is to study computer science and use this knowledge to continue finding ways to solve problems–one glass at a time."

Pitiporn Asvapathanagul, Ph.D.
2009 Recipient

"This scholarship has tremendously supported me in numerous ways. The financial support definitely eased my graduate school tuition costs. More importantly, I was encouraged by many professionals at the award luncheon, which motivated me to continue my education, research and career in this field. This prestigious scholarship also inspired me to switch from my master to doctoral program. I am proud to list this scholar on my CV as one of my achievements which I believe has brought me other fellowships, scholarships and awards as well as my current position as environmental engineering faculty at CSU, Long Beach."

Michael Cunningham
2013 Recipient

"CWEA helped me choose environmental engineering as a career path. The San Francisco Bay Section dinner meetings showcased a range of topics within the water environment field. The meetings also gave me the chance to talk with experienced professionals. Thanks to CWEA’s Kirt Brooks Water Environment Memorial Scholarship I look forward to conducting research in nutrient recovery and water reuse here in Switzerland."

Lauren Blomberg
2010 Recipient

Lauren studied microbiology at Cal Poly and is passionate about identifying and reducing marine pathogens. Her laboratory experience has culminated with a position as a Water Quality Analyst for the San Luis Obispo Wastewater Quality Department. She currently holds a CWEA Grade 1 Lab Analyst Certification.

Are you a previous Kirt Brooks Scholarship winner? Tell us where you are today! Send an email to Megan Barillo, CWEA Communications Manager. 

CWEA's scholarship program was named after Kirtland "Kirt" Brooks, who contributed his time, creativity and wisdom to CWEA for nearly 30 years. Kirt become active in the CWEA San Francisco Bay Section and several other northern California sections in the mid ‘60s and then expanded his roles as a CWEA Director and its first paid staff person. He saw the scholarship as a logical extension of the Association's basic purpose of education of its members.

To learn more about the Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship, visit www.cwea.org/scholarship.