Laboratory 101: Back to Basics

Register Today Laboratory 101: Back to Basics
June 4 (OCSD) & June 6 (CCCSD)

Laboratory Technicians, Plant Operators and Environmental Compliance Inspectors will learn how to gather data that is essential to optimizing treatment processes and in demonstrating that their plant effluent meets established water quality standards. You’ll be trained in procedures to meet government standards for effluent monitoring as well as procedures to provide reliable data that can be used to make day-to-day process-control decisions. An individual can earn up to 8.7 CWEA contact hours.

You’ll learn the following objectives:

  • Field analysis and how to do sampling properly
  • What is BOD and how to measure it
  • Alkalinity
  • Microbiological Analyses
  • Solids, TSS, TVSS, Percent Solids, Percent Volatile Solids
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Data Management/LIMS
  • QA/QC

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