Lake Arrowhead CSD Featured in Treatment Plant Operator Magazine

The Grass Valley team includes, from left, Justin Luck, senior plant operator; Mary Pedersen, lab technician; Trevor Cory, plant operator I; Al Edwards, plant operator II; and Bob Bobik, wastewater operation supervisor. (credit: TPO)

Lake Arrowhead’s Grass Valley WWTP is featured in the April issue of TPO...

The complexities of the Grass Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant don’t faze supervisor Bob Bobik and his experienced operators. They relish the challenges, never stop learning and are proud of what they’ve achieved.

But the biggest accomplishment may be the 2012 Plant of the Year Award (category under 5.0 mgd) from the California Water Environment Association. “We targeted that award for a number of years,” says Bobik. “Perseverance and teamwork were the keys. We volunteered to be on judging panels so we could learn what made an award winner. When they evaluated us, we made sure we were ready.”

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Their collection systems crew was featured in an earlier article in the Municipal and Sewer magazine. With all those mountains and valleys to pump sewage over and around – moving sewage is a challenging task. Click here to read that article.

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