Local Agencies Asked to Donate Surplus Equipment to Mexicali

The California Environmental Protection Agency and the State Water Resources Control Board are asking local agencies to consider donating surplus operation and maintenance equipment, and surplus laboratory equipment and supplies for Mexicali’s wastewater treatment plants and sewage collection system.

California recently heard from Baja California, Mexico, that key sewage infrastructure in Mexicali is in immediate need of repair and replacement. Baja California’s Public Services Agency for Mexicali (CESPM), the agency that owns and operates the water and wastewater infrastructure for Mexicali, is working to finance $40M worth of projects to address its sewage infrastructure problems. In the meantime, CESPM is in critical need of additional operation and maintenance equipment for its system.

A letter from State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus includes a list of supplies that Mexicali is in need of. The letter also contains a pamphlet that details how previously donated equipment by the Leucadia Wastewater District aided Mexicali during storm flooding.

For the past three decades, Mexico and California have worked collaboratively to address and improve water quality issues that impact our neighboring communities in the Southern California region. Throughout the last several decades, Baja California has made significant improvements to the water quality of binational waterways.

If your agency has surplus equipment that might assist CESPM to improve the quality of binational waters, please contact CalEPA’s Assistant Secretary for Border Affairs Alejandro Rodarte, at (916) 341-6136, or at Alejandro.Rodarte@calepa.ca.gov.

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