Local Section Treasurers Key to Fulfilling CWEA Mission

Do you know who has fiduciary responsibility for CWEA? If you do, you just might be one of CWEA’s 17 local section treasurers!

On February 18, nearly all of our local section treasurers got together online for a webinar lead by incoming State Board Treasurer  Gayle Tupper. Helping Gayle with this informative sixth annual webinar was CWEA CFO Kevin Rogers and Financial Manager Renu Pal. The webinar covered a lot of ground including key financial reports for local sections, an overview of the monthly reporting template, and the importance of timely reporting.  Gayle emphasized that proper financial reporting helps CWEA local sections to keep focus on spending that is consistent with our mission.

Kevin Rogers, CWEA CFO; Gayle Tupper, CWEA Board Incoming Treasurer; Renu Pal, CWEA Financial Manager

Still wondering who has the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for CWEA, or are just wondering what “fiduciary” means? You can view a recording of the webinar at your convenience at http://youtu.be/0z4H6T5kCb0.

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