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My CWEAStart using mycwea.org today! Log on to mycwea.org to see when your membership and certifications expire…check your contact hours…renew…find other members…register for events… add your bio and photo…and more. mycwea.org works from your computer, your tablet, and your smartphone. Yes, CWEA has joined the 21st Century!

Logging in to mycwea.org is easy. Simply use the email address you have on file with CWEA. No need to keep track of a confusing online or member number any longer! If you try to log in with an email that is not in our database, you’ll get an error message.  If that happens to you, please send us your correct email address at yourteam@cwea.org and we’ll update our records.  If you need to reset your password click here.

Mycwea.org is best viewed using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 or 10. We all know that a launch is never perfect, in spite of our best effort, so please tell us if you find a glitch or need help navigating.  One known issue: Internet Explorer 8 users may experience photo display issues. A fix is in the works.

CWEA is moving forward to help you move forward.

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