Member Alert – Assembly Bill 2890 on Operator Certification Programs

UPDATE: The State Water Board (SWRCB) provided a fact sheet regarding AB 2890 – Operator Certification Programs. Click to download.

Part of our mission is to connect clean water professionals so we can improve our profession and efficiently protect human health and California’s water environment.

We want to make members aware of California Assembly Bill 2890. If you are a certified wastewater operator, certified drinking water operator (treatment or distribution) or interested in certification issues you might want to review the proposed changes. AB 2890 was introduced last month and includes updates to the drinking water and wastewater operator certification programs.

View the draft State Legislation here 

AB 2890 is sponsored by the State Water Resources Control Board.

The Safe Drinking Water Program was recently transferred from the California Department of Public Health to the State Water Resouces Control Board, which is now responsible for administering both the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification and Drinking Water Operator Certification Programs.

State Water Board staff tell us they have reviewed both operator certification programs and identified several statutory changes they believe are needed to help better align the two certification programs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each program.

State Water staff note the proposed changes update certain provisions of current law, delete unused and unnecessary provisions of current law, and better align the two certification programs with each other for efficiency, reduced costs, and to protect public health, safety, and the environment.
We encourage you to review the bill and if you’re interested in this topic please provide your feedback. We’ll provide your feedback to our representatives on the Wastewater Operator Certification Program Advisory Committee.

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Each year CWEA’s Board of Directors recommends two representatives for the Advisory Committee. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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