Member Alert: Comment Letters Due Jan 22nd on Final SWRCB SSS MRP Changes

During Tri-TAC’s meeting on Thursday January 10th members of CASA and CWEA discussed the final draft changes for the Sanitary Sewer System Monitoring and Reporting Program. This is the wastewater community’s last chance to make an impact on the State Water Board’s changes to the new requirements inside the MRP. The documents and a sample comment letter are below.

To make a difference we need to send SWRCB Staff more MRP comment letters than ever before.

The wastewater community – agencies, utilities, cities and wastewater professionals approved by your employer to comment – should send the SWRCB staff as many comment letters as possible expressing concerns about the effectiveness and costs of certain changes. This is our last chance.

Alert your city or agency regulatory affairs staff  today to review and submit a comment letter via email by January 22nd. Encourage local agencies and cities around you to also submit a comment letter. It is now or never to comment on these changes.

Email your comment letter to:

Deadline: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here are documents and a sample letter your agency can use :

  1. SWRCB Proposed Chamges – WDR MRP Final Draft Changes (doc)
  2. CASA WDR MRP Template Letter (doc)
  3. Oct 2012 – CASA-CWEA Joint Comment Letter and Revisions (pdf)

Comments from Bobbi Larson, CASA Executive Director:

“Please help us in this effort by customizing the attached letter with your agency’s name and description, adding in any additional issues you feel should be addressed, and submit the letter to State Water Board staff no later than January 22, 2013. The proposed MRP changes contain significant new reporting obligations that will be imposed on collection system operators. Because these revisions can be implemented with State Water Board Executive Director approval and do not have to go before the State Water Board itself, it is imperative that CASA and its member agencies voice their opposition to several of these proposed changes as soon as possible. “

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