NACWA Organizing Work Group to Study the Cost of Wipes

Coverage of the wipes issue is supported by Aqualitec.

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) and nine other associations are collaborating on a study, “The Cost of Wipes on Clean Water Infrastructure: A National Assessment.”  We know that wipes are a problem for many utilities, but we do not have a good estimate for how much this problem costs utilities.  A more accurate, defensible estimate of cost is important for our advocacy work on wipes, especially when discussing potential state or local legislation with lawmakers.  This collaborative study will involve a detailed analysis of costs for a small group of utilities, development of a cost model, verification of the model with a larger group of utilities, and scaling of the model to each state and the nation.

Volunteers from either wastewater treatment plants or collection systems, or utilities that have both, would be great.

Utility volunteers are needed to provide information for this study.  Has your utility done any work to quantify the cost of your wipes problem, and are you willing to share this information? If you have not done any work on costs yet, would you be wiling to do a limited amount of work to verify a cost model?

If you are a CWEA member and would like to volunteer to help with this study, please contact:
Cynthia Finley
Director, Regulatory Affairs
National Association of Clean Water Agencies

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