NACWA Summarizes the Flint Crisis in The Water Voice

Flint Crisis Spurs National Dialogue, Water Sector Responds 

The unfolding drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan continues to receive significant national media attention, and serves as an important reminder to all Americans about the fundamental importance of safe and reliable water treatment.  As the facts in Flint continue to unfold, all can agree that the residents of Flint deserve much better and that there was a core breakdown in what should have been a local-state-federal partnership aimed at protecting the residents of Flint and the basic access to safe water.

NACWA applauds the response by both the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) to the Flint situation.  AWWA’s recent statement to the press and the messages both organizations have conveyed to the media and their members have been measured and effective.  They have done an excellent job explaining both the uniqueness of the Flint crisis but also the need to address the affordability and investment challenges that exist in Flint and in urban and rural communities across the country – especially those with declining populations.

“It may be some time before all the facts surrounding Flint are understood. However, there are a few lessons that seem apparent. First, water chemistry is complex. When a community changes water sources or water treatment, unintended consequences can occur. Water systems must be alert to these potential issues and have plans in place to address them.”  See the full Statement from AWWA CEO David LaFrance concerning Flint water quality crisis and the full story from NACWA. Go to full story.

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