New Communications Team Created to Improve Services for Members and Local Sections

In recent years the Board has asked staff to add capacity so we can provide outstanding services for our members. Part of the FY 15-16 budget and staff reorganization plan is the addition of a communications team who will drive improvements in our publications, awards, study guides, websites, and strategic marketing planning.

Megan Barillo is joining CWEA staff as our new Communications Manager. Megan worked for CWEA from 2000 – 2005 in Professional Development & Member Services. She recently returned to CWEA in January 2014 to help fill the role of Special Membership Projects Manager. Megan is editor of the Wastewater Professional magazine and the on-line E-Bulletin website. She’s also working on the Awards program and will be supporting the new Director of Communication and Marketing as well as scholarship program support, leadership services support and advertiser support.

Alec Mackie is joining CWEA staff as Director of Communications & Marketing. Alec has eight years of experience as a CWEA and WEF Leader. He spent 13 years as Marketing Manager for JWC Environmental (think Muffin Monster) and developed connections to people and organizations throughout California and the nation. Alec is working on strategic plans to connect and support members and provide more opportunities to work with technology providers.

Let’s get members working together to develop the next generation of resource recovery solutions. We’ll also develop new local section services to further strengthen our association.

Email Alec your ideas at or call 510-382-7800 x114. He’d love to hear from our volunteer leaders and members!

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