New National Guidlines for Apprenticeship Standards

On November 1, the US Department of Labor accepted WEF’s application for National Guidelines for Wastewater Systems Operator Apprenticeship Standards. On November 13th, a bulletin was distributed to State Apprenticeship Agency staffs and other Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors announcing the new standards. The bulletin can be accessed at: A summary of work of WEF volunteers and staff is included in Appendix A.

The next step is to work with community colleges to develop general curriculum/syllabi to supplement the related instruction outline in the Apprenticeship Standards. Hon. Jane Oates, Assistant Secretary, Employment and Training Administration, US DOL, welcomed an opportunity to work with WEF staff to help spread the message of the new standards and to help educate utilities of programs and services DOL has to offer.

Related to this exciting news is the WEF Operations Resource Center. Click on the link below to see the full inventory or resources for WEF and MA operator members.

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