North County Industries honored for achieving environmental gold

Environmental Gold AwardeesRecognizing the critical role industries play in protecting the environment, the Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA) honored local businesses that achieved 100 percent compliance with all wastewater discharge permit requirements for 2015 with its prestigious Gold Award.  Earning this distinction requires that businesses meet stringent discharge limits and undergo unannounced inspections and sampling by EWA personnel to verify compliance.

The 2015 Gold Award recipients include: SeaSpine, Inc. (six years); Air Products & Chemicals (three years); Hollandia Dairy, Inc. (three years); Metal Etch Services (one year); Alphatec Spine, Inc. (one year); GE Osmonics, Inc. (one year); Cintas Inc. (one year); Natel Inc. (one year); and Primarch Manufacturing Inc. (one year).  These industries play an important role in protecting the collection system, wastewater workers, and the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility.  In addition, their pollution prevention efforts help protect the Pacific Ocean and ensure that EWA is able to beneficially reuse the plant’s treated water and biosolids.

The Gold Award Program provides EWA with an excellent opportunity to recognize the hard work and leadership of local companies. It is just one of a number of programs the agency has implemented to help achieve its goals of protecting the Pacific Ocean and being a model of excellence and innovation.


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