Orange County Sanitation District’s Fleet Services receives Leading Fleets No. 1 Mid-Size Fleet Award and ranks No. 10 in overall public fleets in the nation

Government Fleet Magazine announced the Leading Fleets for 2015 at the Honors Celebration at Government Fleet Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado. The awards program recognizes operations that are performing at a high level, particularly in fleet leadership, competitiveness and efficiency, planning for the future, and overcoming challenges. The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) was awarded the Leading Fleets No.1 Mid-Size Fleet Award and ranks No. 10 in overall public fleets in the nation.

OCSD Leading Fleets No.1 Mid-Size Fleet Award ranking No. 10 in overall public fleets in the nation

Nicholas J. Arhontes, P.E. Director of Facilities Support Services Department and Acting Manager of OCSD’s Fleet Services division said, “We are honored to be recognized with these awards. The award process has helped identify our fleet’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.”

A total of 73 public fleets from across the country competed in this second annual award and it was OCSD’s first application. The applications were judged by a panel of peers consisting of top fleet directors and managers. Out of the 50 leading fleets that were selected as the best in the industry, the award ranks the top 20 and the number 1 fleets in three size categories: small fleet (499 or fewer assets), mid-size fleet (500-999 assets), and large fleet (1,000 or more assets).

“As a public service provider responsible for collection, treatment, and recycling of wastewater, our fleet supports various internal customers with unique challenges. We work closely with our customers to stay in alignment with our agency’s mission and general manager’s annual work plan. We couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated fleet team,” stated Arhontes.

OCSD’s fleet includes 180 highway vehicles, 147 off-highway vehicles and equipment, 184 electric carts and 127 bicycles. Operations are carried out by nine full-time employees from the main shop located onsite at the Fountain Valley facility and a small satellite shop at the Huntington Beach facility.

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