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The Pretreatment, Stormwater, and Pollution Prevention (P3S) Committee is once again broadcasting technical presentations at its monthly meetings. At the August meeting we learned all about the Statewide Industrial Stormwater General Permit. Sandy Mathews (Larry Walker Associates) provided a general overview of the permit requirements including facilities covered, sampling and reporting requirements, and the concept of Numeric Action Levels and corrective actions needed if constituents in the site runoff exceed these levels. The permit was adopted in April 2014 and becomes effective in July 2015 so there is still time to learn and be ready for the changes. Sandy’s presentation is available on the P3S Yahoo Group. Join our email list and educate yourself. Details on subscribing are at http://cwea.org/p3s/.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 16th, 10 am-2 pm.Remote access will be available through conference call and GoTo Meeting. While deep in P3S conference planning mode, we will still make time for our next technical session: Nadia Borisova (EBMUD) will present the results of a pilot study on diverting stormwater runoff to the POTW. Join us every third Tuesday of the month.

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