PBS Special Report to Focus on Industry Bias in Chromium (VI) Regulation

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On Wednesday, March 6, PBS’s “The NewsHour” will include a segment produced in partnership with the Center for Public Integrity, part of the Center’s series called “Toxic Clout.”  The report asserts that chemical industry influence results in delayed implementation of new regulations.  Today’s report is titled “Chromium VI: EPA Contaminated by Conflict of Interest.”

This program may prompt inquiries from consumers or local news media about the presence or danger of Cr(VI) in drinking water.  As a fundamental principle, drinking water utilities rely on the USEPA and state health authorities to set scientifically sound regulations, and take whatever action is necessary to comply with them.  California’s Department of Public Health is mandated to set a specific regulation for Cr(VI), which is expected as a draft for public review and comment in July, 2013.

Glendale Water & Power, the Water Research Foundation, AWWA, and other partners have extensively studied methods and costs of effectively removing Cr(VI) in drinking water.  Background information and other resources, including some message points for your use, may be found on websites for WaterRF, AWWA and its consumer oriented DrinkTap.org site, and the California-Nevada Section AWWA.

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