Presentations from NWRI's Clarke Prize Conference Now Available

2015 Clarke Prize Conference presentation slides are now available. PDFs of the slides may be downloaded from the NWRI website at

The following talks were delivered at the 2015 Clark Prize Conference on Urban Water Sustainability:

  • James Barnard, Black & Veatch Corporation, on “Granular Activated Sludge–The Future of BNR.”
  • Roy Herndon, Orange County Water District, on “Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and Orange County Groundwater Basin.”
  • Karen Larsen, California State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water, on “The Future of California Water.”
  • Richard Luthy, Stanford University, on “Stormwater Capture, Treatment, and Recharge for Urban Water Supply.
  • Perry McCarty, Stanford University, on “Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Domestic Wastewater for Potential Reuse.”
  • Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University, on “Detoxifying Oxidized Contaminants (Nitrate, Perchlorate, Selenite, Chromate, and TCE).”
  • Jerald Schnoor, University of Iowa, on “Update on Climate Change and Water.”
  • George Tchobanoglous, University of California, Davis, on “Direct Potable Reuse Framework.”


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