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Treatment Plant Operator Magazine, an ezine dedicated to wastewater and water treatment professionals, recently published an article about Encina Wastewater Authority branding it’s products claiming the identities provide a much needed platform for communication.

A California agency creates a brand for its recycled water, biogas energy and pelletized biosolids, building community connections and winning support for future investments.

Many clean-water plants create brand names for their biosolids. The Encina Wastewater Authority takes the concept further.

Its Class A biosolids pellets go to market under the PureGreen brand. Its electric power and heat from biogas, PureEnergy. Its recycled water, PureWater. Even staff resources and information get a brand name: PureKnowledge.

For the agency, headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., the brands emphasize that its 67 team members are devoted to more than protecting the Pacific Ocean from pollution. The 40.5 mgd (design) Encina Water Pollution Control Facility recycles, in one way or another, nearly half its 23 mgd average flow.

It generates 76 percent of its own electricity and much of its heat, and is on its way to energy self-sufficiency. Its biosolids are in growing demand in regional fertilizer markets, and selling prices and revenue are rising.

The brand names alone don’t make that happen, but Kevin Hardy, general manager, says they’re important to forging connections with the community. “You look and see that communities have internalized the benefits of the facilities we operate, but have not internalized the costs because the federal government subsidized their construction,” he says. Read the full article here.

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