Quarter Century Recognition Program Winners

The Northern and Southern Regional Committees are happy to announce the inaugural inductees to the quarter century recognition program. New this year, the program honors water environmental professionals with 25 or more years of experience.The recipients are:

Stephen Arnold Central San Joaquin
Julian Lucero Central San Joaquin
Ben Munoz Central San Joaquin
Rick Staggs Central San Joaquin
Karen Steinhauer Central San Joaquin
Daniel Ames Monterey Bay
Mark Cattera Monterey Bay
William Cronin Monterey Bay
Scott Hamby Monterey Bay
Jeffery Hartley Monterey Bay
Jesus Luna Monterey Bay
Michael Reilly Monterey Bay
Ambrosio Rodriguez Monterey Bay
Marcia Ames Northern Sacramento Valley
Blaine Drewes Northern San Joaquin
Daniel Frisch Northern San Joaquin
Allan Grayson Northern San Joaquin
Nicholas Pinhey Northern San Joaquin
Bailey John Redwood Empire
Edward Mann Redwood Empire
Ron Matheson Redwood Empire
Chris McAuliffe Redwood Empire
Lorri McAuliffe Redwood Empire
Chris Murray Redwood Empire
Tony Pirondini Redwood Empire
Barry Pomeroy Redwood Empire
Gillian Silva Redwood Empire
Chris Bracco Sacramento Area
Stephen Calderwood Sacramento Area
Patrick Hassey Sacramento Area
Kurt Ohlinger Sacramento Area
Sam Rose Sacramento Area
Tim Sullivan Sacramento Area
Tom Hendrey San Francisco Bay
Dennis Laniohan San Francisco Bay
Joe Lucia San Francisco Bay
Dante Marchetti San Francisco Bay
Andy Morrison San Francisco Bay
Edward Nute San Francisco Bay
Curtis Swanson San Francisco Bay
Paul Zolfarelli San Francisco Bay
Vincent Falzon Santa Clara Valley
Peter Gaines Santa Clara Valley
Kenton Komatsu Santa Clara Valley
Cassie Prudhhel Santa Clara Valley
Phil Scott Santa Clara Valley
Chuck Weir Santa Clara Valley
Danny Nolan
David Kachelski DAMS
Dale Ducharme Golden Empire
Barry Berggren LABS
Frances Garrett LABS
David Greenwood LABS
Stephen Johnson Jr. LABS
Gregory Jowyk LABS
Bill Garrett LABS
Kent McIntosh LABS
Stephen Jepsen San Diego
Virginia Godoy SARBS
Ralph Palomares SARBS
Mark B. Gingras SARBS
Paul Schmidtbauer SARBS
Keith D. Kapuy Tri- Counties
Harold Reyes Tri- Counties
Robert Hidalgo Tri- Counties
Carrie Mattingly Tri- Counties
Tom Hofteig Tri- Counties
Bradshaw Pruitt Tri- Counties
Mohammed A. Hasan Tri- Counties
Louis Chiourn Tri- Counties
Barbara M. Langley Tri- Counties
Frank Hernandez Tri- Counties
Jim Buell Tri- Counties
Ku-Chung Chen Tri- Counties
Alan Krieger Tri- Counties
Brett Offerman Tri- Counties
Johnny Tarver Tri- Counties
Ron Sheets Tri- Counties
Rick Simpson Tri- Counties
Don Weidner Tri- Counties
James F. Langley Tri- Counties
Dave Badgley Tri- Counties
Dana Rayburn Tri- Counties

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