RecycledH20 Blogger Gives a Shout-Out to CWEA Members

Blogger & CWEA Member Nick Hansen recently interviewed agencies behind the residential recycled water fill stations in his blog. Many of the folks responsible for collecting, treating and distributing the recycled water are CWEA members.

“Many of these employees are members of the California Water Environment Association and are responsible for cleaning California’s water and returning it safely to the environment. CWEA’s members’ play an important roll at every residential recycled water fill station in California. Thank you, CWEA members by supporting this drought conscious program and continuing to protect public health and the environment. Interested in a career in water? Visit

In addition to sharing how much recycled water was hauled away by users at each fill station, we’d like to praise the public employees who make it all possible!”

Check out the full story here.

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Megan Barillo

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