Revised SSS WDR MRP Takes Effect 9/9

The State Water Resources Control Board has released the Amended Monitoring and Reporting Program (WQO 2013-0058-EXEC) and supporting documents for the Sanitary Sewer Systems Waste Discharge Requirements (WQO 2006-0003-DWQ).  This MRP amendment will become effective on September 9, 2013 concurrent with the routine bimonthly CIWQS maintenance release. Read the Fact Sheet and the Revision Transmittal Letter.

From the public announcement:

We have a test server available for testing the new SSO Database forms at:  For “User Name” and “Password” when logging into the test database, use your regular SSO Database login information.  Please be sure to use the active SSO Database for your regular reporting under the SSS WDRs.  Any data entered into the test database will be lost when the test database is removed from our servers on September 9, 2013.

Please note that we will be updating the forms on the test database to address some last minute changes to the MRP and issues identified in the test version of the SSO Database .  These changes may not be fully incorporated in the initial revised SSO Database rolling out on September 9, 2013 but will be incorporated no later than in the November 2013 routine bimonthly CIWQS maintenance release.  Changes forthcoming in the test SSO Database, the post September 9, 2013 active SSO Database  and, possibly, the November 2013 active SSO Database include:

1)      Two Spill Volume Recovered fields will be added to the SSO report forms screen 1 for “volume recovered from a drainage channel” and “volume recovered from a surface water body”.

2)      Question 37 on the Category 1 spill form will be changed to “Did the spill result in a beach closure? (If yes, answer question 38)”.

3)      Question 38 on the Category 1 spill form will be changed to “Name of closed beach(es):”

4)      The Category 1 spill report form will be changed to not require an “OES control number” or “date OES called” for spills less than 1,000 gallons.

5)      Two questions will be added to the Category 1 & 2 spill report forms, after question 34, for “Reason for ongoing investigation?” and “Expected date of completion of the ongoing investigation?”.  These questions will only be required to be answered if question 34 is “yes”.

6)      Selection options will be added to the “No-Spill” certification screen to allow for selection of “Quarters” (i.e., Quarter 1 = January, February, March, etc.) to facilitate quarterly reporting of no-spill certifications.

7)      Question 1 on the PLSD form will be changed from “Name of Responsible party” to “Spill location name?”.

Also, please note, enrollees will have 6 months after September 9, 2013 to complete the unpopulated fields in the revised “Collection System Questionnaire” before the system locks you out from all reporting.  After you complete the revised questionnaire, the system will default back to the annual update requirement and lock you out from all reporting only if the questionnaire is not updated at least annually.

Please contact Victor Lopez at if you have any questions and/or discover any issues while working in the testing version of the SSO Database.

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