Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Opens Recycled Water Fill Station 

New fill station to offer free, recycled water for residential and commercial users 

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) opened a Recycled Water Fill Station at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Elk Grove recently. Residential and commercial users have the opportunity to get a free, environmentally responsible and safe water supply to irrigate lawns, gardens, and landscaping, or for dust control or other permitted uses.

“The new fill station will not only help our region deal with the drought, it will also help pave the way for the expanded use of recycled water in the future,” said Christoph Dobson, director of policy and planning for Regional San. “The more people who recycle water to irrigate their yards and gardens, the less demand there will be on precious drinking water supplies. In the years to come, we hope the recycled water fill station will prove to be yet another successful component of our sustainable water recycling program.”

Participants must live in, and use the recycled water in the Regional San service area. Interested users must sign up in advance at The program will be limited to the first 500 users who sign up, and is expected to run until the rainy season sets in. Regional San plans to reopen the fill station in spring 2016 and hopes to increase participation, based on findings from the current year.

Learn more about Regional San’s other sustainable water recycling projects at


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