San Diego Seeking State Funding for Water Recycling

With water on a limited supply, San Diegans have made conservation a way of life. “When you look at the fact our city’s water is down double digits from 2007 levels, that’s good news” said San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. On Tuesday, Faulconer will head to Sacramento to meet with Gov. Jerry Brown and the state water board.

“Part of my message I’m going to bring to Sacramento is, we are going to continue our conservation but when you look at what we’re doing on recycled water and what we can be doing for pure water we need to receive our fair share of state dollars and expedite the permit process to get this plant online sooner” said Faulconer.

Before heading to Sacramento, Faulconer took a tour of the San Diego demonstration project “Pure Water” which turns recycled water into drinking water.

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