Santa Barbara's El Estero Gets Humorous, Enlightening Write-up by Local News Site

"This plant can’t be shut down. Ever." That's the truth. Santa Barbara's Mission & State takes readers on a fun journey into the bowels of a treatment plant (photo by Jeff Wing, Mission & State)

Writer Jeff Wing takes the deep plunge into the inner workings of the El Estero treatment plant on a tour with Grade V Senior Operator Adam Munce.  The long form article published on the Mission & State news website covers nearly every detail of the Santa Barbara facility from headworks to dewatered biosolids. Along the way are funny discussions between Jeff and Adam about  machinery, microbes and the digestion process.

Back downstairs we pass through a door and take a gander at the beautiful new pumps that look like the subterranean machinery of the Krell in the sci-fi classic film Forbidden Planet—immense, shiny metal dynamos held fast with massive bolts.

Willy Wonka this ain’t….. Lead on, Mr. Munce.

It’s a wonderful appreciation of our profession, read on…

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