Santa Rosa expands ability to treat grease, food waste at sewer plant – The Press Democrat

Source The Press Democrat – Author, Kevin McCallum

Santa Rosa Wastewater Treatment Plant getting ready to turn waste into energy and save local businesses money in the process.

Employees from Pacific Infrastructure Corp. install a high strength waste tank at theLaguna Treatment Plant in Santa Rosa (Beth Schlanker/The Press Democrat)

By building their own high-strength receiving and storage station, Santa Rosa hopes to treat that waste locally, turn it into biogas to keep the plant’s power costs down, and save local businesses significant transportation costs. Currently high-strength organic wastes are trucked to Oakland’s East Bay MUD.

“This is the missing link in the operations of the plant,” said Mike Prinz, director of subregional operations for Santa Rosa Water. “There’s a ratepayer benefit. There’s an environmental benefit. And there’s a business attraction benefit.”

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