SCADA System Guides Santa Clara Forward

City of Santa Clara Water and Sewer workers set up for a sewer main repair in a residential area of Santa Clara. – Photography by Lezlie Sterling

Santa Clara invests in a new SCADA system and builds distribution efficiency with in-house repair and replacement. Featured in this month’s Municipal Sewer and Water Magazine is CWEA Member Chris De Groot, City of Santa Clara Water and Sewer Utilities Director.

Today, facing the challenges of aging infrastructure like other cities across the country, Santa Clara has invested in state-of-the-art SCADA technology to optimize operations while ensuring security.

The city has agreements with two other utilities for imported water if necessary, while reclaimed water now makes up 18 percent of the water usage in the system. Water reclamation, along with improved efficiencies, have reduced overall residential water consumption, forcing the utility to become very cost conscious as it moves ahead.

“Despite increases in population, we’re seeing a steady decrease in water sales — the turnover of older housing stock and more efficient plumbing,” says Chris de Groot, director of water and sewer utilities. “Plus, some of our more water-intensive industries have left the area.”

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