Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside Introduces New Site To Further Increase Its Transparency

The Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM) announced that it is partnering with OpenGov– the leading Budgeting and Performance company powering more effective and accountable government – to introduce a new site that offers insight into SAM’s finances.

“SAM is committed to ensuring that finances are understandable by the Board, member agencies, and the public. As part of this commitment, SAM is implementing programs to inform, educate, listen to, and engage with the people and community it serves.” Beverli A. Marshall, General Manager

The OpenGov portal is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for budgeting, performance, and citizen engagement. OpenGov transparency site aggregates, organizes, and visualizes various data sets. It is powered by CKAN – the open-source standard that the U.S. federal government, the European Union, and hundreds of other agencies around the world use for open data. It also includes tools like APIs that developers can use to build applications.

The new site serves two purposes: it gives community members more insight into how their taxpayer dollars are spent, and gives the SAM Board of Directors easier access to data so they can make more-informed decisions that drive better outcomes.

“Our open data portal is a win-win for the Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside and the community,” said OpenGovCEO Zac Bookman. “On average, governments receive 20% less requests for information after they launch their OpenGov open data portals. That means citizens are getting the information they need, and it saves agencies time and energy that can be spent elsewhere.”

SAM joins over 1,900 city, county, and state governments, special districts, and schools that rely on OpenGov to be more effective and accountable.

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