Sewer Villains Beware – There's a New Hero in Town & his Creators are CWEA Members!


Meet the superheroes behind Sewer Slayer – Steve Cano, Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor, and maintenance workers Joel Ortiz and Alex Arreola of Costa Mesa Sanitary District. Costa Mesa is a recipient of the CWEA Santa Ana River Basin Section’s 2015 Collection System of the Year award.
This article posted in the LA Times by Bradley Zint

In the chaotic underworld of Costa Mesa sewers, where grease and tree roots cause havoc to seep up toward the unsuspecting masses, only the Sewer Slayer can save them.

This heroic figure (who looks a lot like Superman) has one mission: Protect the environment by fighting the sinister evildoers beneath the streets. To achieve his goals, he’ll take on the mighty forces of Mr. Overflow, Grease Goblin and Root Myzer.

Villains, all.

And treacherous, each in his own diabolical way.

“It’s a fun way to promote the wastewater guys,” said district General Manager Scott Carroll.

Next month,  the district will receive the 2015 Collection System of the Year award from the Santa Ana River Basin Section of the California Water Environment Association.

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