Special CWEA Awards Now Accepting Nominations

SPECIALAWARD_TopFeaturedThe CWEA Awards program recognizes outstanding professional achievements within the wastewater field. Being honored by the awards program improves the professional status of all personnel working in the wastewater industry and related fields and stimulates public awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment to public health and the water environment.

CWEA has a many special awards that are awarded to individuals in addition to the standard state awards. Follow the links to the nomination forms if you know someone who fits the categories below.

Crystal Crucible
The nominee for this award must promote pride and safety in the workplace, teamwork, education and the promotion of professionalism in the wastewater laboratory field.

Crystal Crucible Nomination Form

Quarter Century Recognition
The CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program recognizes water professionals for their commitment to improving the quality of life and the protection of the environment. CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program honorees have dedicated their careers in a challenging and most vital profession, the water environment field. These essential professionals who have spent countless hours improving our water environment include: Operators; Collection System, Maintenance, Laboratory, and Environmental Compliance personnel; Engineers; and Administrators. See the past recipients here.

Quarter Century Recognition Nomination Form

5S recognizes individuals active in protecting the water environment through participation in Local, State, and/or Federal sponsored activities.  Nominations are being accepted through March 1, 2016.  Please consider nominating your peers who have or are contributing to the advancement of the wastewater profession.  This is not a self-nominating award.  Your peers count on you to recognize their achievements and nominate them.

5S Nomination Form

Golden Manhole
CWEA’s Golden Manhole award honors the inductees and their employers for their combined contributions which promote increased professionalism in the collection systems field. The winners are chosen by the Collection Systems committee.

Golden Manhole Nomination Form

Richard D. Pomeroy Award
The Richard D. Pomeroy award is presented for the practical application of an original concept that expands known techniques of wastewater collection. The nominee’s service must have been in any of the following areas: management, overall planning, operation and maintenance, facility design, education or training. Publication of a formal report of achievement is not required but is desirable.

Richard D. Pomeroy Nomination Form

Gimmicks & Gadgets
Recognizes innovation and creativity in developing solutions to performing routine tasks or functions in maintenance, operations or construction of wastewater collection systems.

Gimmicks & Gadgets Nomination Form

Recognizes volunteer efforts to the CWEA Collection Systems Committee Meeting

PICK Nomination Form

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