Thank You Sponsors: CWEA Hosts 300 Wastewater Professionals for the WEF Incoming President's Reception to Honor Ed McCormick

Ed McCormick gives his remarks as incoming WEF President.

On Monday, September 28th nearly 300 people gathered at the Omni Hotel in New Orleans to celebrate incoming WEF President and CWEA member Ed McCormick.
Ed was honored by Past WEF President and CWEA Member Jim Clark.  He was also honored by current CWEA President Simon Watson. Then Ed and his wife took the stage and after a few speeches, he showed off his skill as a guitarist and singer. Ed is a wonderful musician and he and his wife performed several rocking numbers, including a special rendition of ‘Imagine’ rewritten with lyrics dedicated to the wastewater profession.
As organizers and hosts for the event CWEA is proud to bring together a diverse mix of CWEA members, WEF leaders and supporters. We look forward to helping Ed succeed as he moves WEF forward into the future.
A special thank you to the sponsors of the CWEA-WEF Incoming President’s Reception. You helped make it a truly wonderful event.


We also want to thank our individual supporters: Carrie Mattingly; Chuck Weir; Chet Anderson; Darren Greenwood; David Greenwood; Denis Pollak; Don Roberson; Dr. Kenneth Donald Kerri; Harry A Tow; Jody Allen; Michael Hogan; Maura A. Bonnarens; Thomas Sutton; Katherine Jean Suter; Paula Zeller; Pei-Chin Low; Steve Agor & Alec Mackie.

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