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California is now in the fourth year of drought and dry conditions are seriously impacting California and the western United States.  2013 was the driest year ever recorded in California, and 2014 was the hottest year on record.  Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) water reserves, which were at record levels at the end of 2012,  have been reduced by half to help meet Southern California’s water demands over the past two years.  Increased conservation is needed to maintain the region’s water reserves and restore them when the drought ends.

As a valued Community Partnering Program participant, MWD hopes you will spread the conservation message to your stakeholders through your website, newsletters, social media, and meetings.  Suggested creative content ideas are listed below.

Message:  California is in a serious drought that has reduced our region’s water reserve levels.  We must continue to conserve water to make sure there is water for the future.  Visit Bewaterwise.com® for tips, ideas, and rebates to help you conserve indoors and out.

Water Gauge and Hourglass widgets:  http://www.bewaterwise.com/widgets.html

Conservation materials:  http://www.bewaterwise.com/Conservation_Materials.html

Follow on Twitter:  @bewaterwiseh2o   @mwdh2o

Your help is appreciated along with the important work that you are doing in the community to improve water stewardship. Please send a copy of your conservation message for sharing. If you have a volunteer group that could benefit, MWD has speakers who can give a presentation to your organization. Please contact Steve Hines (shines@mwdh2o.com or 213.217.6583) to request a speaker.

Have a new idea? Please contact Carolyn Schaffer (cschaffer@mwdh2o.com or 213.217.6833) if you would like to discuss an outreach idea to increase conservation and water awareness.

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