SSMP Regulations: APWA/CWEA Joint Meeting Recap

On October 5,  APWA and CWEA held a joint meeting focusing on Sewer System Management Plan Regulations.  SWCRB staffers Victor Lopez and Jim Fischer presented on the MRP and audit and enforcement.  CWEA has posted Jim Fischer’s presentation in our SSO resource area.  CWEA’s Mike Fisher updated the group on CWEA’s work on SSS-WDR Training and how innovation and technology can and could be used to enhance those offerings.  Mr. Fisher’s presentation touched on the past, present and future of WDR-related training; including an open forum discussion of training needs to meet the proposed MRP updates.

Mr. Fisher received very informative feedback from the stakeholder and regulatory participants with respect to training needs and CWEA intends to use those suggestions as we plan for the future of the training program of work. As the WDR and its associated requirements (e.g. MRP) are implemented, analyzed and updated, it is CWEA’s continued goal to provide our members educational development opportunities specific to these changes.

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