The Great Duck Rescue

Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) recently posted a story in their newsletter about a rescue involving ducks caught in some thick sludge.

It was the end of an October day for our staff at VVWRA, when mechanic Mike Koncur spotted a number of young ducks trapped in one of our drying beds. The drying beds contain thick sludge that is being dried by the sun. From the air, the drying beds can look like dry ground and that’s apparently what these birds thought. They landed in the sludge and were unable to get out. VVWRA employees quickly convened and discussed how to safely rescue the ducks. A plan was put together. The team used a tractor to push the ducks closer to the shore, where employees with a large net were able to scoop them up. In all, nine of the young ducks were rescued. All of them were tired and very dirty. The VVWRA rescue team managed to clean them up and released them to one our our ponds that contains recycled water. VVWRA’s mission is to protect public health by treating more then 10 million gallons of wastewater every single day. The duck rescue was an example of the extra effort our employees are willing to take to assure that the environment and animals that live in it are taken care of.

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