The Water Environment Federation Announces its 2014-2015 Board of Trustees

Ed McCormick, a seasoned water leader from Oakland, Calif., assumes WEF leadership during Sept. 30 ceremony The Water Environment Federation (WEF) announces the members of its 2014-2015 Board of Trustees. The members were confirmed by WEF’s House of Delegates during WEFTEC® 2014—WEF’s 87th annual technical exhibition and conference in New Orleans, La. During a ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 30, the WEF “gavel of leadership” was passed from President Sandra Ralston (Charleston, S.C.) to incoming President Ed McCormick of Oakland, Calif. During his term, President McCormick will continue to help fulfill WEF’s critical objectives—to drive innovation in water, enrich the expertise of water professionals, and raise public awareness of the value of water—in part by calling on WEF members to be leaders in driving resource recovery and renewable energy.

In his acceptance remarks, McCormick, who led a state-of-the-art renewable energy program at Eastern Bay Municipal Utility District, emphasized the potential for treatment facilities to become “green factories,” recovering valuable resources. “We are experiencing the leading edge of a major sea change in the water sector—a Renaissance in our role as water stewards,” he said. “We will increasingly become an important part of the climate solution, recycling every gallon, producing renewables, and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

In addition to President McCormick, the 2014-2015 Board of Trustees includes: Immediate Past President Ralston, President-Elect Paul Bowen (Atlanta, Ga.), Vice President Rick Warner (Reno, Nev.), Treasurer Ralph Exton (Trevose, Pa.), and Secretary and WEF Executive Director Eileen O’Neill (Alexandria, Va.). Trustees Charles Bott (Hampton Roads, Va.), Jenny Hartfelder (Denver, Colo.), Jackie Jarrell (Charlotte, N.C.), Tom Kunetz (Chicago, Ill.), Garry Macdonald (Auckland, New Zealand), and Erin Mosley (Boston, Mass.).

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