Thursday at AC18 is Solid – Make Your Plans Now!

Take a look at some hot topic sessions for Thursday, April 19th and start planning your schedule.
Early bird deadline is March 2, just a few weeks away. Register today and save $100! AC18 will be here before you know it. Register online.

Deep Dive: New Advanced Water Treatment Operator Certification and Concepts
CWEA and the California-Nevada section of AWWA are jointly developing an advanced water treatment (AWT) operator certification exam. These sessions will explore the world of AWT and water reuse: the operators; the technologies and the regulations. It’s all driving the need for new training and certifications. Get a behind the scenes look as the two associations work together on the new exam. Do you want to become an AWT operator, supervise a DPR facility or hire an AWT operator someday soon? This track is for you.

Deep Dive: Squeezing the Crap out of Sludge
Would you like to take the “trial and error” out of dewatering? You are invited to learn about the wide range of factors that impact dewaterability and dewatering performance, as well as operations costs. Important factors outside the dewatering building are often overlooked, such as changes in upstream treatment processes and industrial contributors. Seasonal changes, service area changes, and resource recovery measures can affect a treatment plant’s overall performance. For dewatering equipment procurement, understanding these factors and interrelationships can help minimize the risk of lengthy disputes between vendors and owners.

Deep Dive: Managing Collection Systems for Success
Collection system operators, managers, other experts won’t want to miss this engaging and comprehensive workshop, custom-tailored for smaller to medium-size sewer systems to be proactive to reduce SSOs and stay in compliance. A wide variety of informative and engaging topics including interactive group exercises will be covered.

Build Your Skills Series: 
Be a Better Communicator and Leader
Effective communication, workplace leadership and decision making are critical in our industry. Operators, engineers, mechanics and others must be able to interact seamlessly to achieve common objectives that protect human health and the environment. The sessions within this track will feature interactive exercises and activities to enhance your learning.

Build Your Skills Series:
Time and Problem Management Techniques
Time management, problem solving and facilitation are necessary skills to have in any industry, including wastewater. Discover tools and resources to use immediately back in the workplace.

Innovation Learning Centers
Meet the technology innovators and join the conversation on hot topics like pumps, valves and systems. We’ll also discuss high-tech solutions and software. Plus, don’t miss the presentations by the Gimmicks and Gadgets winners. These sessions take place in the exhibit hall.


Regional San owns and operates the regional wastewater conveyance system consisting of approximately 169 miles of interceptor pipelines, pump stations, and the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP) located in Elk Grove. Regional San is undertaking a monumental effort – called the EchoWater Project – to take the region’s wastewater treatment to a whole new level.

Find out more about the conference online at where you can register online and download the registration form.

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2 comments on “Thursday at AC18 is Solid – Make Your Plans Now!

  1. Michael Donovan says:

    When can I download and/or receive the registration package for the Sacramento Conference??
    Mike Donovan
    5S member and Past President

    1. Megan Barillo says:

      Hi Mike – your AC18 brochure is in the January issue of the Clean Water magazine (formerly Wastewater Professional). You can also find the registration information at where you can download the brochure, the registration form or register online.

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