Top 10 Reasons to Make a CWEA Awards Nomination

by Kay Allen
Awards Chair, Tri-Counties Section CWEA

And the Top Ten Reasons Make a CWEA Awards Nomination Are…

Number Ten – CWEA awards are fun to get!

Number Nine – CWEA awards are great additions to office wall space.

Number Eight – CWEA awards come in many forms – from the illustrious Plant of the Year Award to the prestigious Collections System Person of the Year to the esteemed Outstanding Young Professional of the Year.

Number Seven – CWEA award winners will have their name prominently displayed in the Clean Water magazine, on the E-Bulletin, in your Local Section newsletter, etc. We’re proud to share your accomplishments!

Number Six – CWEA awards are great motivational tools.

Number Five – A CWEA award looks great on your resume.

Number Four – CWEA awards are great for showing your staff how much you appreciate their work.

Number Three – Local Section award winner’s nominations are forwarded to the state to compete for state-wide awards.

Number Two – CWEA awards show your agency’s governing body that your staff members are well respected professionals in their field.

Number One – The recipient of a CWEA award can proudly point to their award to prove they really know their stuff!

All kidding aside, we work in a pretty thankless profession. It’s not too often that the public thanks us for what we do, yet no one hesitates to point fingers at us when something goes wrong. Most people don’t know, and don’t want to know, what we do or how we do it. As long as they have clean water at their fingertips and the drains are flowing, they’re happy.

That’s just one of the reasons it’s so important to recognize the hard working people at our agencies and let them know we appreciate all that they do. We run our treatment plants and collection systems efficiently, let’s let everyone know just how good a job we do by nominating ourselves for the Plant of the Year or Collection System of the Year award. We have outstanding professionals working in our agencies; let’s let them know just how good they are while showing them how much we appreciate the work they do.

It’s never too early to start thinking about nominating your plant, collections system, or one of your staff for one of the many CWEA State and Local Awards. Nomination forms are available on the CWEA website at Check the forms for local section deadlines.

Kay Allen is the current Past President of CWEA’s Tri-Counties Section, and has held many other positions on the Tri-Counties Board including Treasurer, Secretary, and Webmaster. She holds a CWEA Environmental Compliance Inspector Grade IV and is Environmental Compliance Program Coordinator at the City of Simi Valley.

Contact Kay: CWEA members can connect through the membership directory.

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