U.S. Department of Energy & California Energy Commission plan webinars for Combined Heat and Power for wastewater facilities

The U.S. Department of Energy Pacific Combined Heat & Power Technical Advisory Partnership (DOE Pacific CHP TAP)  and California Energy Commission (CEC) are planning to host a webinar/seminar series in Southern California for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) for wastewater facilities.  Their flyer details their federally-funded program which provides engineering support to evaluate and implement such projects.

The drivers for this initiative are:

  • President Obama’s Executive Order 13624 – 40,000 GW  new CHP by 2020
  • CA Governor Brown’s Clean Energy Jobs Plan – 6,500 MW new CHP by 2030
  • CARB Scoping Plan – 4,000 MW new CHP by 2020
  • Make-up for the loss of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)

Wastewater Treatment facilities have been identified by both CEC and DOE as key benefactors of CHP technologies which include Micro Turbines, Turbines, Fuel Cells, and Recip Engines. CHP can provide energy savings, greenhouse gas reduction, and serve as critical back-up  power should the grid go down or be interrupted.

The group is planning a webinar/seminar series in July or August.  Watch for more details to come.  Meanwhile, you can:

1. Review their flyer and use their screening questions to gauge if your facility is a good candidate for CHP.

2. Contact Pacific CHP TAP to receive the DOE site screening report for your facility or to use the Pacific TAP technical support if a CHP project is being developed already.

Please contact Gene Kogan, Pacific TAP Assistant Director, to learn more at Gene.Kogan@energycenter.org.

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