Unsung heroes tackle your Super Bowl halftime bathroom breaks – Monterey Herald

CWEA member Joanna De Sa featured in Monterey Bay Herald last week as an unsung hero who puts the “bowl” in Super Bowl.

Plant manager Joanna de Sa describes the function of the head works at the San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility in San Jose on Jan. 21. (Patrick Tehan — Bay Area News Group)

The workers at the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility – have the responsibility of tackling the spike in wastewater surging through the facility from the staggering number of near-simultaneous mid-game toilet flushes from many among the 70,000 or so Levi’s attendees, on top of the million-plus area TV viewers hustling to relieve themselves and avoid missing any action.

“Nobody knows about us when we do our job right,” said Kerrie Romanow, director of environmental services for the City of San Jose, which operates the plant. “But it’s exciting. It’s the Super Bowl, a half-mile away.”

Indeed, standing on top of one of the 40-foot-high digester silos – where anaerobic bacteria break down assorted sludge, producing methane that provides 70 percent of the plant’s power needs – the stadium is in clear line of sight across Highway 237.

Read the full article as posted in the Monterey Bay Herald here.

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