Update on Ebola Research

The following is an update on the research being conducted by Dr. Chuck Gerba at the University of Arizona Water Environment Technology Center on the survivability of Ebola surrogate viruses in wastewater. This research was funded by CASA members and colleagues:

Dr. Gerba has provided preliminary results that conclude the viruses do indeed survive in wastewater in the absence of disinfection. In fact the entire bathroom and surfaces become contaminated through flushing. Dr. Gerba has found that both bleach and quaternary disinfectants effectively mitigate the contamination (and also recommends closing the toilet lid, if there is one, prior to flushing). His team is currently assessing the recommended dose and holding time for each disinfectant to completely kill the viruses. This is very important news and supports the guidance developed and revised on January 13th of this year.

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