Vallecitos Water District’s Dennis O. Lamb Named General Manager of the Year


Dennis O. Lamb, General Manager of the Vallecitos Water District, was selected as the 2015 General Manager of the Year by the California Special Districts Association (CSDA).  The award was presented to Lamb during the Awards Luncheon at the CSDA Annual Conference in Monterey, California on September 23, 2015.

Lamb was selected for his outstanding experience, effectiveness and leadership of the Vallecitos Water District as well as his contributions to the water community.  “Dennis is truly deserving of this award,” said Betty Evans, President of Vallecitos’ Board of Directors.  “I think his award is a great reflection on what a truly outstanding District we have.”

Lamb has been with the Vallecitos Water District for over 30 years and was promoted to General Manager in 2010.  Over the course of his tenure, Lamb has advocated for water supply diversification strategies, like the Carlsbad Desalination Plant, due to come on-line this winter.  Lamb has implemented many cost-saving measures which have resulted in Vallecitos’ rates consistently staying below the County average.  He is also heavily involved in water education programs and helped to establish the Water Resources Management and Leadership program at California State University San Marcos.


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