Visualizing Where the Wastewater Goes in LA


Dr. Gonzalo Cortés, UCLA

As part of UCLA’s Sustainable Los Angeles Grand Challenge, Dr. Gonzalo Cortés visualized the flow of wastewater passing through the various treatment plants in LA County.

According to Dr. Cortés, a researcher at UCLA,  the figures show the different wastewater treatment plant capacities and estimated flows in thousands of acre feet per year. The  data is from LA Sanitation and Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts.

Dr. Cortés is a research scientist at the UCLA Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. A Civil Engineer from Chile, Dr. Cortés got his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at UCLA. His research is focused on developing large-scale high-resolution data assimilation frameworks for water resources estimation and evaluation of climate change impacts in hydrological systems.

He is also a part-time researcher with the California Data Collaborative, a non-profit startup developing digital data infrastructure for water agencies, and a part-time collaborator with the Universidad de Chile Mountain Hydrology group.

View Dr. Cortés’ data visualization research here > (click on Sierra Nevada, map can take a moment to load)

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