Water Boards' 5th Annual Performance Report

The State Water Control Boards’  Annual Performance Report provides a mechanism to measure and evaluate both what the agency does and how the environment is responding to its actions, and is part of the state’s overall effort toward developing as performance-based organizations. The Water Boards regulate approximately 24,000 dischargers, and the core regulatory workload achievements for the fiscal year included review, update, or issuance of about 166 individual permits; inspection of over 5,400 facilities; and completion of more than 230 penalty and compliance actions. This year the Water Boards also continued efforts to work with its stakeholders to evaluate the costs of complying with water quality protections contained in our regulations, permits and policies to identify potential cost savings while still protecting the State’s waters, as it is now more important than ever that every dollar spent on water quality protection be used wisely and be focused on California’s most important priorities.

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