Water Puts America to Work: Investment in Water Infrastructure Creates Jobs, Drives Innovation, and Safeguards Public Health

WEF, our member associations, and partners are working together this election season to send a clear message to our elected officials and political candidates that investment in water infrastructure is an investment in America. The campaign Water Puts America to Work makes the business case for water infrastructure investment by emphasizing the irrefutable link between investment and job creation.  It is estimated that an investment of $188.4 billion over the next five years would generate $265.6 billion in economic activity and create nearly 1.9 million jobs. The American Water Works Association projects the cost of repairing and expanding U.S. drinking water infrastructure alone may top $1 trillion in the next 25 years. By allowing the gap between needs and investment to grow, we not only miss an opportunity to address unemployment but also create a threat to existing jobs and businesses. The failure to make the necessary investments will result in unreliable water delivery and wastewater treatment services and may lead to $206 billion in increased costs for businesses and households between now and 2020. The nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure was given a D- grade; we are falling behind many developed nations, which will impact our ability to compete in a global market. With millions of Americans out of work, there has never been a more critical time to reinvest in our essential water infrastructure. This campaign is NOT endorsing any political party or candidate – this is a bipartisan issue.  Visit www.waterforjobs.org for more information on how you can get involved.

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