Water Replenishment District inks $110 million water recycling project in Pico Rivera

Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California on recently signed a deal with a Walnut-based developer to build its water recycling plant in Pico Rivera.

J.F. Shea Construction has agreed to construct the $110 million plant that has been in the works for 12 years.

Construction of the project, called the Groundwater Reliability Improvement Project, will begin this fall and be completed in 2018.

Shea and the 55-year-old district will build a last-stage water treatment plant that treats wastewater from toilets, showers and sinks already treated by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District’s San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant near Whittier and piped along the river’s edge. Water at the Pico Rivera plant will be treated to the purification level of distilled water, said WRD officials.

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2 comments on “Water Replenishment District inks $110 million water recycling project in Pico Rivera

  1. How can anyone want to drink this toilet water. Toilet water is what our children will be drinking and the residents. Filters need to be changed to clean the water. Who is able to clean underground. The impurities will build up and go into our tap water. Sounds like a Flint water disaster in the works. I really hope I am wrong.

    1. amackie says:

      Carmen – thank you for your comment. Understanding the water system within Los Angeles can provide more insight into why these new, high-tech advanced water purification facilities are necessary to protect drinking water today and for future generations. All of the drinking water currently flowing into the LA Basin and pumped into our cities from the Sacramento Delta and Colorado River is water impacted by human activity.

      Farming, surface water runoff from streets and cleaned wastewater discharge from upstream cities all get into the environment and into water. It’s been this way for 100 years. We are all connected as a state and in the Southwest as a region. We can all keep drinking water clean and healthy by #1 not polluting the environment #2 building more advanced water purification facilities. We can use less water and cities can build more filtration systems.

      Here are some resources that provide more information about how water is protected and treated:
      1) WateReuse video on upstream and downstream cities and water – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwrYFJEJSQ0
      2) California has a long history and experience with water filtration technology, here is a fact sheet (pdf)
      3) Everyone is welcome to take a tour of working water filtration facilities. Two great public water facility tours are the Groundwater Replenishment System in Fountain Valley and Edward C Little Water Reclamation Facility in El Segundo.

      Understanding your community’s water sources and treatment can help answer questions about what’s being done with water currently and what we need to do in the future. We have a lot of work to do to ensure a clean, healthy and reliable supply of water for generations of Californians to come. Let’s solve our water problems – water agencies really want to hear from their customers about which water sources and which water filtration systems are best for their communities.

      So dive in and keep learning, take a tour and keep sharing your ideas. Please let us know if we can direct you to any other sources of water information.

      Thank you for your interest in California clean water!
      Best regards,
      Alec Mackie
      Director of Communications

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