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With water becoming a precious commodity, attitudes toward reuse are shifting

As populations surge and water stresses increase, societies are coming to realize the true value of water. This includes the necessity to conserve water resources and protect water quality. In the same regard, industries increasingly are understanding the significance of reliable water supplies and the risks that come with water shortage.

WE&T magazine recently published the State of the Industry quoting CEO of Katz & Associates (San Diego) Sara Katz who will be speaking at the CWEA P3S Conference on March 1st – Building a Reservoir of Goodwill with Your Community In Order To Get Support for Upcoming Projects.

“Many in the water industry have been working diligently over the last several years to reshape the discussion on water reuse,” said Sara Katz, founder and CEO of Katz & Associates (San Diego), a national firm specializing in issues-based communication programs. “In California, which is currently in the fourth year of an unprecedented drought, water shortage is becoming more of the norm versus the exception. Industries and communities are now realizing that they have to modify the way water is used — no longer can we use this resource only once before discharging.”

Her firm is involved with San Diego’s multiyear potable reuse program to use proven water purification technology to eventually produce one-third of San Diego’s drinking water supply.

Download the complete WE&T State of the Industry section for January’16.

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