'We Have to Come Together' Says NACWA President Adel Hagekhalil in Interview with LA Magazine

Adel Hagekhalil (l) with WEF President Ed McCormick

NACWA’s newly appointed President Adel Hagekhalil provides a wide ranging interview to the LA based publication Planning Report.

Adel is a WEF-CWEA member and  Assistant Director of the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Wastewater Collection Systems Operations and Watershed Protection Division.

He updates Angeleno’s on LA’s “One Water” plan; climate resiliency; and the City’s leadership in developing cutting edge water projects….

LA is on the leading edge of everything, including the infrastructure component of storm-water management. We are implementing projects across the city to capture runoff through a natural treatment system—green infrastructure to infiltrate into the ground.

In LA, we have to use water. We can’t just go without it. The question is: Can we provide alternative sources?

I’m proud of what we have today. The dialogue in LA is now different. People see that water is an essential part of the economy. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the great successes in LA, and particularly the partnerships we’ve made.

Hopefully there will be more public-private partnerships, and also maybe public-public ones—between the city, county, and state. The watershed doesn’t know boundaries. We’re all in it together, and we all have to work together to meet future challenges.

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The City's Echo Park Lake recently underwent a $45M renovation to improve water quality. The project won the LABS of CWEA Engineering Achievement Award in 2013.

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