WEF Awards Accepting Nominations Until April 1

WEFStories_Icons_CWEANews_500It’s awards season time at WEF. WEF is now accepting nominations for their annual awards program through April 1st.

Visit the Awards and Recognition webpage at www.wef.org/awards and download the nomination form (the form is typically 1 page, length of applications can vary, each award provides instructions, including required background material).

If you know an amazing individual or utility – there is a WEF award that is perfect for them. Help recognize their passion, hard work and achievements by nominating them today.

WEF Awards and Recognition Improvements for 2016

The Awards and Recognition Committee and a Board Appointed Task Force recently implemented several improvements to help make the WEF awards program even stronger and brighter.

The improvements include two new awards this year:

1.  WEF Project Excellence Award – Recognizes excellence and innovation in the execution of projects and programs (recognition is available for several utilities)
2.  WEF Water Heroes Award – Recognizes a person or utility who performed duties above and beyond the call of duty during an emergency situation (individuals do not need to be WEF members.

In addition, the WEF Stormwater MS4 Award unveiled at WEFTEC in Chicago last year will become an annual WEF award and the selection panel will become a standing Awards subcommittee.

Know a group of outstanding Water Heroes? An outstanding project? A local agency achieving great things in stormwater? Please take a moment to nominate them before the April 1st deadline. All the info you need is at www.wef.org/awards.

Individual Service and Contribution Awards

*   Camp Applied Research
*   Emerson Distinguished Service
*   Engelbrecht International Achievement
*   Honorary Membership
*   Outstanding Young Water Environment Professional
*   Public Officials
*   Ralph Fuhrman Medal for Outstanding Water Quality Academic-Practice Collaboration
*   Wesley Eckenfelder Industrial Water Quality Lifetime Achievement
*   Water Heroes

Education Awards

*   WEF Canham Graduate Studies Scholarship
*   Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator
*   Media & Public Education
*   Public Communication & Outreach Program

Organization and Association Recognition Awards

*   Citation of Excellence in Advertising
*   Member Association Excellence
*   Member Association Safety

Operational and Design Excellence Awards

*   Collection Systems
*   Industrial Water Quality Achievement
*   Innovative Technology
*   Morgan Operational Solutions
*   Schroepfer Innovative Facility Design
*   Water Quality Improvement
*   WEF Project Excellence
*   WEF Safety

Published Papers

*   Collection Systems Published Contributions
*   Eddy Wastewater Principles/Processes
*   Gascoigne Wastewater Treatment Plant Operational Improvement
*   McKee Groundwater Protection, Restoration, or Sustainable Use
*   Rudolfs Industrial Waste Management

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