WEF Features San Francisco PUC's Public Outreach Efforts

From left, Karen Kubick from the SFPUC, and Christine Radke and Rick Warner representing the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) hold shirts with the campaign’s humorous taglines. Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The WEF Highlights E-Bulletin features a fun story about SFPUC’s great new public education program featuring funny quotes from the San Francisco sewer system.

The commission gives the sewer system a voice: “I know you probably don’t think about me much, but I surely think about you. Every day, my friends and I make sure that all of my important parts continue functioning like a well-oiled machine. As your sewer system, I take my job seriously. That is why public health is my first priority.”

The commission had help crafting these messages. It worked with a public relations company to devise this unique outreach campaign. Together, they decided to make the message into something humorous that would get people talking, help them learn about the system, and open up a new dialogue between the public and commission through social media, said Lily Madjus, communications manager for the commission.

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